Altars & Offerings: Week 1-Abraham Tested

Genesis 22: 1-19 Abraham Tested

Monday: The Rest is History

Read Genesis 22:1

Verse 1 says that “ Some time later, God tested Abraham.”

1. Read Genesis 11:30 and write down what it says about Sarai.
2. Read Genesis 15:1-5. Keeping in mind what was stated in Genesis 11:30, write down all the logical responses/emotions Abram could have after hearing this statement.
3. Read Genesis 15:4-5 and write down what the word of the Lord said to him.
4. Read Genesis 15:6 and write down what Abram’s response was.
5. Read Genesis 17:1-8. Write down and explain the covenant that God made with Abram and also include the major change that occurred.
6. Read Genesis 21:1-6 and write down what happened and how old Abraham was when it happened.

In verse one, “some time later” is the time following a chunk of Abraham’s history. Starting in chapter 11, we are introduced to Abram. We begin to journey with him as he enters into his calling, travels, family highs and lows.

However, the most important thing we are privileged to is the relationship he had with the Lord.

At least 19 times, from chapter 11-21, we read where scripture gives us the direct dialogue or communication of the Lord to Abram/Abraham.
1. The LORD had said
2. The LORD said
3. Then the word of the LORD
4. Then the LORD said to him
5. The LORD appeared and said
6. Then God said

Keep this mind as we continue to read Genesis 22:1-19.

Tuesday: Weren’t There Two Sons?

We learned Monday that when God promised the impossible to Abram, scripture said he believed when the promise was initially given to him in Genesis 15:1-5.

My mind wants to think that the promise was a test to Abraham. But according to Genesis 18:10-15, it seemed to have tested Sarah’s faith and belief in God’s strength.

Read Genesis 22:1-2

1. When God called Abraham, what punctuation was used?
2. How did Abraham respond and did he ask who was speaking?
3. What are the two ways God describes Abraham’s son in verse 2?
4. Read Genesis 16:15-16 and write down what happened and how old Abram was?
5. Read Genesis 17:19-22 and write down who God’s covenant was going to be established with.
6. According to 17:10-13, what is God asking of Abraham in order to keep the covenant?
7. Read Genesis 17:23-26 and write down how old Abraham and Ishmael were when Ishmael was circumcised.

Wednesday: Burnt Offering

Read Genesis 22:1-2

1. According to Genesis 21:32-33, where was Abraham living and where was he suppose to take Isaac according to Genesis 22:2.
2. What kind of sacrifice was Isaac to be?

Burnt Offering Facts
1. Was voluntary as a personal offering
2. Most common and offered on a great variety of occasions
3. Could occur during the morning, day, or night
4. Required for cleansing and offered purification, consecration, atonement for sin
5. Offering could be a from a herd (bull), flock (male sheep or goat), birds (turtle dove or pigeon). Your wealth determined which of these you could afford to use as an offering.
6. The animal offered was of highest quality. It was offered at an age when it was about to mature and could have been used to multiply, except it was sacrificed as the offering.
7. The offerer was the one who put the animal to death and would then cut it into pieces unless it was birds. The priest provided the fire.

3. After reading these facts, write down what Abraham would have known in your own words the moment he heard God tell him Isaac was to be a burnt offering. Think back to God’s covenant with Abraham as well.
4. Based on prior reading, about how old was Ishmael and what would disqualify him from being a burnt offering?
10. What was Abraham called at the age of 99?

Thursday: The Journey

Read Genesis 22:3-5 three times.

1. When did Abraham leave? What does the time of day show about his obedience?
2. Who did he take with him? Could any of them become a “back-up plan” for the burnt offering? How does this show Abraham’s obedience.
3. Why do you think Abraham brought enough pre-cut wood prior to departure and how does that his show obedience?
4. How many days did it take to get to the location?
5. Who does Abraham say will come back with him?

Friday: Isaac Asks

Read Genesis 22:6-12 three times.

1. What can we infer about Isaac’s age since Abraham placed the wood on Isaac’s back to carry?
2. How does this relate to the burnt offering requirements?
3. What did Abraham carry?
4. In the NIV version it says that Isaac spoke up. What are people feeling prior to when they speak up about something?
5. What punctuation is used when Isaac says, “Father,” and why is it important?
6. What observation does Isaac have and what question does he ask his father?
7. Base on this information, what knowledge does Isaac have of a burnt offering?
8. How does Abraham respond?
9. Who provided Isaac?
10. What does an offering of a lamb communicate about the wealth of Abraham in reference to a burnt offering?
11. Did Isaac have any further questions?

Saturday: The Moment of Truth

Read Genesis 22:9-three times.

1. List the first four steps that Abraham took before reaching for the knife.
2. Who called out to Abraham?
3. Where did he call from?
4. How many times was Abraham’s name called and with what punctuation?
5. Compare how Abraham responded to his response at the beginning of Genesis 22.
6. Read Leviticus 1:3-4 and pay special attention to verse 4.

Next read Genesis 22:12. What is Abraham told not to do which is part of the burnt offering?
7. Compare how Isaac is described in verse 12 to verse 2.
9. Put yourself in the shoes of Abraham. Imagine you are in the moment of holding the knife about to slay your son. If your eyes were closed during this event, what could possibly happen as you bring the knife down? How would your hand have to be positioned over Isaac?
10. Read verses 13-14. When Isaac looks up, he is looking straight ahead. What did the Lord provide?
11. How is it beneficial that the the horns were tangled in a thicket?
12. Does the ram meet the burnt offering requirements?

Sunday: Promise Completed Through Obedience

Read Genesis 22:15-19

1. Read Genesis 12:1-3. In your own words, what promises is the Lord making.
2. Read Genesis 15:4-5. How is the promise further clarified here?
3. Read Genesis 17:1-8. How has the promise been reinforced?
4. Read Genesis 17:19-22. How has the promise been clarified even more?
5. Read Genesis 22:15-19. What promise has come to pass? What promise has been reinforced? What promise has been enhanced due to Abraham’s obedience?



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