Mountain and Joy of Motherhood

This was actually my notes to a message that I gave at a Mother’s Day brunch in 2016.  For some odd reason, it was showing up in my email to edit.  Two years later, a lot has changed but not the truths that God revealed to me in preparing for that event.  It was aContinue reading “Mountain and Joy of Motherhood”


My grandma has always had a special touch in making a backyard look special and relaxing. This Thanksgiving morning, I sit in the backyard reflecting, resting, and enjoying the birds, fresh air, and just being alert to what God has to say today.   RELENTLESS. He reminds me that his love is relentless and soContinue reading “Relentless”

The Power of IT: Marriage

In my life there have been certain focuses and strongholds that have falsely formed my value and self-worth. Therefore, this series is a sort of testimony on each area before and after coming to Christ. This IT has definitely been the one I put all my hope in instead of Christ. However, the Power ofContinue reading “The Power of IT: Marriage”