My Daughter in His Presence

Last night I took an unexpected walk with my daughter Erica. I’m a morning walker so I usually decline but decided to invite myself.
We walked through the back of our neighborhood and made our way to her secret place and that’s when I saw so clearly the joy and freedom that she was feeling admiring God’s creation!
I was walking with purpose, my health. My head down, pushing through leaving her behind at times. She too walked for her health but first and foremost to celebrate God’s handiwork!
She noticed little things like ripples in the water and the beautiful moon, shrieking with delight when she started her jog. She walked through muddy water to reach her destination while I complained about hating squishy tennis shoes.
I love walking and I love the outdoors but I tend to compartmentalize and tend to miss the beauty around me in order to “get the job done”.
This mindset has always been part of my personality and I now wonder how often as a wife, mom and daughter I missed the beauty just to
“get the job done”.
I pray that God will help me slow down and enjoy the gifts He has blessed me with especially to enjoy many more walks with my Beautiful daughter.

With love,

Delia Guajardo