Week 2 Altars and Offerings: The Golden Calf

This week’s study will focus on Exodus 32. Like last week, will start with gathering some background information befor jumping into Exodus 32.  Some of last week’s information will be beneficial for this week, but it required.

Like last week, a burnt offering is part of this story as well as a fellowship offering.  Of course there is the golden calf along with an altar that Aaron made

Monday: The Rest is History

1. Read Exodus 3:1-4 and describe how Moses was called, who called him, and what punctuation was used?
2. How did Moses respond?
3. Compare this to Abraham in week one and write down your thoughts.
4. Read Exodus 3:5-6 and write down the command God gave Moses.
5. Who does God say he is the father of and how does that make you feel after reading about Abraham and Isaac?
6. Read Exodus 3:7-11. Who is this about? What is he concerned if and why? What is he going to do? How is the LORD choosing to do this?
7. What is Mose’s response and compare it to Abraham’s response?
8. What mountain is Moses on and what mount did the sacrifice of Isaac take place?

Tuesday: There are Two Brothers

1. Read Exodus 4:10 and write down what Moses’ concern is and compare it to Isaac’s concern that he raised with his father.
2. How does the Lord respond to him in verse 11 and how did he respond in verse 13?
3. In verse 14 what feeling did the Lord have to Moses’ response and what solution did he provide for Moses’ insecurities? Write down the specifics of the arrangement and include why Moses is given the staff.
4. Read Exodus 4:22-31. Did God only speak to Moses?
5. Who did Moses and Aaron relay the message to and how did they respond?
6. Read Exodus 5:1-23. Write down what happened that caused the Israelites to doubt and question Moses and Aaron?
7. How does Moses respond and what emotion would you describe him having when he returns to the Lord?

Wednesday: Aaron Falters

To this point, we have gathered some background information that will help us get a more detailed picture on what is going on.

First, as we move forward, keep in mind that Aaron at times would speak for Moses. Therefore, his words would be respected. Also, since he was the face speaking, it would be easy for his face to be sought.

Also, remember that this situation is not the first time “the people” have had doubting seeds growing in them as something dragged on.

Read Exodus 32:1

1. How did the people approach Aaron? Explain how that would make you feel.
2. What are they requesting from Aaron?
3. How do they refer to Moses? At this point if the story, Moses has led them out of Egypt. Therefore they are no longer in slavery and bondage. What is your opinion about that?
4. Read Exodus 14:29-31. What did the Israelites do. Write your thoughts about the contrast of the Israelites trust in Moses in 14 to 32.
5. Read Exodus 20:22-26 and Exodus 23:20-25. What was communicated to the Israelites and how is their request in 32:1 complete disobedience and unnecessary?
6. Read Exodus 32:2-4. What is Aaron’s response?
7. What did Aaron do next and how is he being disobedient to the Lord’s request.
8. What did the Israelites declare when Aaron was done and how does it contradict to what we read in 14:29-31?
9. Read 32:5-6. What did Aaron do to try and rectify the mistake of making a golden calf?
10. What does Aaron declare will occur the next day?
11. What kind of offerings are to occur?

We learned about the burnt offering last week. A fellowship offering, which was also known as a peace offering, was the only one that the Israelites would get to partake in eating some of the meat.

12. After the presentation of the offerings, what did the Israelites do?
13. Write down the definition of revelry. What are your thoughts about the Israelites partaking in revelry after giving an offering?

Below is a link for more information on the fellowship offering.

Thursday: Moses Fixes

1. Read Exodus 32:7-8. How did the Lord refer to the Israelites when he spoke to Moses?
2. Why is the Lord upset?
3. Read Exodus 32:9-12. How does the Lord describe them now?
4. Describe the Lord’s emotions to the situation. Can you relate? Explain.
5. What does the Lord say he will do for Moses and how is this connected to the covenant he made to Abraham?
6. Read Exodus 32:11-14. Why does Moses plead for the Lord to not destroy the Israelites?
7. What details of the covenant does Moses remind the Lord that he swore to?
8. What was the result of that conversation?

Friday: Moses Sees for Himself

Read Exodus 32:15-19
1. What was Moses carrying and who made it?
2. What did Joshua and Moses hear as they were coming down the mountain?
3. At this point, Moses had only been told by the Lord that the Israelites had bee corrupt. He did not know exactly what was going on. What did Moses see and how did he react?
4. What did he do to the calf?
5. What did he have the Israelites do? How does the action reinforce that an image made of gold is not not a god?

Read Exodus 32:21–24

1. How is Aaron’s account the same and different compared to how it actually happened in 32:1-4?
2. What are your opinions about Aaron’s responses to Moses?

Read the rest of Exodus 32 to wrap up this week’s study.



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