It’s Mine….SNATCH!

My two labradors, Watson and Savannah, love to play fetch. However, Savannah is pretty ruthless at it. If Watson gets to the toy first, she will charge him and snatch it out of his mouth.

He has always relinquished it quite easily the moment she gets in his face. He knows the pecking order, and Savannah is his mom. However, this past year he has been gaining some confidence and attempting to keep it from her.

If he gets to it first, he begins to look like a basketball player. He backs himself into her and looks nervously left and right and then spins around her rushing to me. Of course, she follows which results in her snatching it the moment he stops and waits for me to grab it.

If I throw it in the water, Watson will run along the pond and jump in at a location that is closer. I think he does this because Savannah, although older, is a better swimmer. IF he gets there first, she proceeds to snatching it out of his mouth in the middle of the pond. For a moment, I hold my breath as she pins him momentarily in the water before snatching it.

Today was different though.

As Watson ran along the pond to jump in at a closer point, she stayed in the water swimming. BUT, she wasn’t swimming to the toy. She was swimming towards Watson’s return path back to land. She was allowing Watson to retrieve the toy, but she was timing an interception on his return.

It was brilliant! The first time she did it was as if she was saying, “It’s Mine! I’m going to bring it back.”


In that moment, God impressed something special to me. It was as if he was showing me through that scenario that He is like Savannah.
1. He knows the devil has fetched something I held, but He has allowed it and is aware of it.
2. Like Savannah, he loves that item fiercely and is going to get it because it’s His and He wants it.
3. The devil thinks he has finally gotten an advantage, but really he is playing right into God’s hand.
4. The devil knows the moment God confronts Him that he must relinquish it immediately. The devil knows the pecking order.
5. God has timed the snatch perfectly.
6. Last, He WILL bring it back to me.

LORD, have mercy on me. See how my enemies torment me. Snatch me back from the jaws of death. Psalm 9:13

To God be the Glory





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I'm a daughter of Christ reborn, redeemed, and restored. My mission in Christ is to point people to the Bible. That is how my mind was transformed into believing and understanding God's truths for my life and everyone else on earth. Reading the Bible moved me from being a believer to a follower; therefore allowing me to be on mission for the kingdom.

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