Week 3: Threshing

The past two studies, focused on the action of planting, sowing, and harvesting. This study is a little different. It takes us to the Judges 6 where we find Gideon threshing wheat in the wine press.

Day 1: Consequences

Read Judges 6:1-2 and Judges 6:10

1. Because the Israelites had done evil in the eyes of the Lord, how long were the Israelites in the hands of Midian?
2. Reflect on anything you feel has you and think about whether or not it is an outcome/natural consequence to sin.
3. Where did the Israelites seek shelter and why do you think they chose that environment?
4. What would be some advantages and disadvantages of that location?
5. How have you tried to adjust to an uncomfortable or unwanted situation?

Day 2: Looking Down on the Impossible

Read Judges 6:3-5

During this seven year period, their harvest was being attacked.

1. Who was attacking them?
2. What were they attacking and doing?
3. Was this year round or for a season and how do we know that?
4. Based on the description, list what shows this to be an impossible hopeless situation.
5. If you notice, the Midians are attacking the Israelites food source. What might this force the Israelites to do?
6. Although the Midian’s goal was to “leave no sustenance” somehow each year the Israelites were able to sow and had livestock available to kill. How do you think this was possible?

Day 3: Breaking Point

Read Judges 6:6-10

1. The Midians were attacking the Israelites’ Harvest for seven years. Look back on verse 4-5 and list what the Midians would do. How did this affect the Israelites emotionally?
2. How did they react to this low point?
3. Reflect back on some of your low points where you cried out to the Lord.
Read verses 8-10
1. How did the Lord respond?
2. How would you describe the tone of the prophet?
3. What does the prophet remind them of?

Day 4: Gideon Threshing in the Wine Press

Read Judges 6:11-14

It’s interesting that the prophet is talking to the Israelites and scripture does not show or say their response. To me, it’s kind of like a mic drop: speechless. There is nothing to say to that.

However, It shows us that Gideon was not with them. He was separated from them because he was trying to save wheat by threshing it in the wine press.

Even though, the Midians were attacking the harvest, somehow Midian has salvaged some. And some how, the past seven years despite the fact that the Midians aim to leave no distance or sheep, is, or donkey, they have been able to eat because they are still surviving.

1. What did the angel of the Lord do under the tree? I find this interesting because Gideon is working hard while the angel sits.
2. In verse 12 the angel of the Lord then appears to Gideon and the first thing out of his mouth is that the Lord is with Gideon and calls him a valiant warrior. How would you respond if you are going about your business doing normal work and someone came up to you and called you a valiant warrior?
3. Notice in verse 13, Gideon responds but makes no mention of the label he has been given. In fact, describe in your own words his response?
4. It’s interesting, the first thing he mentions is what the prophet had told the Israelites. But rennet, Gideon wasn’t there. The prophet of the Lord had to remind them who their Lord is. Gideon on the other hand knew. It fact, it’s as if he had been dwelling on it as wondering where is there miracle. Gideon knew God’s character so he is wondering why has God abandoned them? Have you ever prayed for a miracle that falls inline with God’s character, but frustrated that you aren’t seeing it? Have you ever cried out to God, “Where are you in this?”
5. The angel of the Lord does not respond like the prophet did stating the reason why. From scripture that comes later, to me this shows that Gideon was obeying God.

Day 5: The Calling

Read Judges 6:14-19

1. In verse 14, what was God’s directive to Gideon?
2. Who looked at Gideon and how would you feel if that was you?
3. Describe the conversation between them in verses 15-18.
4. Why do you think Gideon wanted a sign that it was God he was speaking to?
5. Think back to the beginning of this chapter. How would you describe the availability of food and livestock.
6. Reflecting on that and Gideon’s immediate desire to give an offering, what can we learn from Gideon here?



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